My Introduction to Essential Oils

When I first started using essential oils it was to make my yoga and pilates studio smell nice.

That was until I was introduced to doTERRA and the incredible benefits of their essential oils. Did you know there are 150 uses for the top 10 most popular essential oils?

As a mama, I’m selective about the products I use on my skin and put in my body.

After two miscarriages, I was blessed with a healthy baby boy at the age of 40. After my second miscarriage, the doctor carried out extensive blood tests that confirmed my hormones were out of whack- I had what they called “estrogen dominance” caused by exposure to chemicals that mimic estrogen in the food we eat, the products we use on our skin and to clean our homes.

When I started reading labels, I was horrified to discover that even the ones that said, “natural” contained chemicals such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (think bubbles) or phthalates (think parfum) amongst other ingredients that I can’t pronounce let alone spell.

This was the catalyst that lead me down the path to health and wellness for my little family. I threw out all the products with nasty hormone-disrupting chemicals and the rest is history.

Not long after my long- awaited bundle of joy arrived, I discovered these little bottles of pure magic. I must admit I was slightly skeptical when I purchased my Home Essentials Kit but I was willing to give the oils a try as I was wanted to see what all the hype was about. It didn’t take long to realise that the oils were everything they promised and more.

Not only are they good enough to put on my skin and use around the home but they’re good enough to eat! They may only be little bottles but they’re potent. 1 drop of peppermint oil is as strong as 10 peppermint tea bags! Doesn’t that blow your mind? You only need to use a little which makes them very cost effective.

Even my skeptical husband is on board after seeing the results and my 2-year-old son adores them. Each morning before daycare I roll Onguard- the protective blend- on the soles of his feet and if I forget he will remind me. If he has a sore tummy he’ll ask for a tummy massage.

Instead of a medicine cabinet full of products with ingredients that I can’t pronounce and may have potential long-term side effects, I have a box full of doTERRA essential oils. I feel so empowered with these tools on hand to support my family’s health.

My Top 10 uses for Essential Oils are:

  • To support our immune system (keeps those nasty daycare bugs away)
  • To assist with digestion and relieve occasional constipation
  • To ease PMS symptoms
  • To rid of head and neck tension
  • To alleviate teething discomfort
  • To make “Ouchy Spray” for cuts and bruises
  • To make a “Calming Spray” for my tantruming toddler
  • To add to homemade chocolate (I can’t decide if I prefer peppermint of choc- orange more!)
  • To make body deodorant paste
  • To make a multi-purpose cleaning spray
  • To relieve muscle aches and pains

Below are the answers to some of the most common questions you may have when considering using essential oils on your motherhood journey.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential Oils are highly concentrated extracts that are naturally found in and distilled from different parts of a plant. This includes the leaves, flowers, twigs, the peel of fruit, bark and roots. You can use the oils aromatically, topically and some may be safely used internally for targeted wellness benefits. Read more

Can I use Essential Oils During Pregnancy and on my Baby?

Yes you can ingest, apply topically or diffuse essential oils during pregnancy to protect against common discomforts such as morning sickness, leg cramps, insomnia, congestion and headaches AND you can use on babies and children* to assist with sleep, digestion, congestion, teething, cradle cap and nappy rash and more IF you’re using Certified Tested Pure Oils from a reputable company such as doTERRA. Read More *When using with babies and children you’ll need to dilute the oils with fractionated coconut oil. As a member of the Healthy Happy Life Tribe, you’ll learn the best oils to use, how to dilute them and ones to avoid during pregnancy and for young children.

Why doTERRA Essential Oils?

doTERRA oils are independently tested essential oils that are 100% pure, naturally extracted from plants, tested in independent laboratories, don’t contain any fillers, chemicals or artificial ingredients and are free of all contaminants such as pesticides, herbicides, or any other chemical residues. Not only are they the purest available, but they’re sourced ethically and sustainably. Through their co-impact sourcing model and charity, the Healing Hands Foundation, doTERRA is determined to make a positive difference by supporting farming communities (many in third world countries) around the world, ensuring they’re paid correctly, and assisting them to improve their living conditions, schooling, and healthcare. Not all essential oils are created equal. Cheaper synthetic versions available from chemists or health food stores aren’t pure and won’t give you the same incredible results and may be harmful to your health.

How do I buy doTERRA Essential Oils?

The most cost-effective way to buy doTERRA products is to open a Wholesale Account which gives you 25% off retail prices and support from myself and the Healthy Happy Life Tribe (HHLT)- a supportive network of like-minded women who you can turn to for assistance and advice PLUS you’ll receive:

  • A Welcome Email outlining the basics on how to get started
  • A 1- hour Wellness Consult via Zoom once you’ve received your oils. I’ll show you how to; use your oils safely for fertility, pregnancy, birth, the postnatal period and beyond
  • The HHLT Essential Oils Guide. This outlines 150 uses for the top 10 oils
  • Essential Oil Beginners Series. For six months, you’ll receive one email a week giving you tips and tricks on how to use your oils
  • Access to the HHLT Members Portal where you can get even more support in using the oils and find out more about getting your oils for free
  • Access to our HHLT private facebook group where you can ask questions and get support using the oils
  • Access to member-only promotions
  • An online account to manage your orders

There are two ways to open a wholesale account:

  1. Enroll with a $35.00 enrolment fee and purchase the oils that you’d like
  2. Enroll with an enrolment kit such as the Home Essentials Kit which has the $35 enrollment fee included.

As a Wholesale Member, there’s no contract, no minimum spend and no need to purchase oils regularly to receive your 25% discount and all the member benefits.

What Oils Should I Start With?

The Home Essential Kit is the best kit to start with for fertility, pregnancy, birth, babies and beyond. The Home Essential Kit Includes a diffuser PLUS the top 10 oils including:

DoTERRA Essential Oils

  • Frankincense: fights inflammation, incredibly beautifying and an anti-aging or the skin and promotes cellular regeneration. Diffuse in pregnancy and postnatally to help calm your mind and reduce anxiety.
  • Lavender: calms your nervous system, soothes irritated skin, promotes restful sleep. Diffuse in labour for a calm and relaxed atmosphere or to promotes a restful sleep.
  • Lemon: cleanses and purifies the air and surfaces and soothes an irritated throat. Add a drop to your water bottle to promote circulation and reduce fluid retention during pregnancy.
  • Tea Tree (Melaleuca): an antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. Great for bites and stings, minor cuts and scrapes, adult acne and insect repellant.
  • Oregano: nature’s antibiotic. Not recommended in pregnancy or on young babies. Use postnatally to remove skin tags.
  • Peppermint: relieves head and neck tension, energy booster when you’re sleep deprived, freshens breath, cools body temperature and may alleviate morning sickness.
  • Easy Air (Clear Blend): relieves congestion and clears airways, minimises the effects of seasonal threats and energising. Diffuse to help your baby with the sniffles.
  • DigestZen (Internal blend): promotes healthy digestion, eases heartburn, bloating, cramping and nausea. Use together with massage to alleviate your baby’s constipation.
  • Onguard (Protective blend): diffuse to ward off any nasty bugs when you have visitors or use on the soles of your child’s feet to boost immunity.
  • Ice Blue (Athletic blend): Apply topically for relieving muscle and joint pain in pregnancy, labor and postnatally. Eases head and neck tension.

The Home Essentials Kit is only $330 AUD (save $120) and includes the enrolment fee. To buy all these oils separately with a wholesale account would cost you $415 AUD plus the $35 enrolment fee. To buy them retail would cost you almost $500 AUD. With any oils and a brand new baby, you need to dilute them, so buy a bottle of Fractionated Coconut Oil too.

If you’re unsure about which oils are best for you to start with, please email me and I’ll ensure you’re getting the best value for money. We ship worldwide, so if your country’s price list isn’t shown here, please email me.



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For more kits and individual pricing:

How do I sign up for a Wholesale Account?

When You’re Ready To Sign Up, Follow These Simple Steps:

  • Click this link:
  • Click Join & Save at the top of the page
  • Select the country you want your products shipped
  • Choose Wholesale Customer 
  • Enter your personal information
  • At “Enroller ID”, make sure my number 3842018 is displayed and then click “Verify ID” to see my name
  • Create a password to manage your account
  • Tick the “T&Cs” box
  • Select “Continue” to the next page

Select either:

  1. The Home Essentials Kit and the $35 enrollment fee will be waived. OR
  2. Select a few oils + the Introductory packet. To choose your individual oils, start typing the name of the oil in the box and when it appears you can select it.
  • Enter your Credit Card details and process your order.

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