For pregnant women who want to prepare for positive and empowering birth and postpartum with yoga, pilates and meditation.

Why Choose Mama Retreat at Home:

  • Build your virtual village
  • Be supported by a Birth and Postpartum Doula + a community of like-minded women.
  • Flexibility of doing classes in our private Facebook Community in your own time.
  • Access to a library of classes in our facebook group.
  • Never miss a class.
  • Safe way to exercise and stay fit during pregnancy.
  • Improves muscle strength, flexibility and endurance for labour and birth.
  • Alleviates common discomforts in pregnancy like lower back pain, swelling and muscle tightness.
  • Learn ways to relax during labour, birth and mamahood.
  • Learn breathing techniques for pain management during labour and birth
  • Gain confidence in your ability to birth your baby.
  • Sleep better.
  • Reduce anxiety, worry and fear.
  • Bond with your baby.

Here’s What other Mamas have to say:

I have been doing prenatal yoga with Melissa for about 12 weeks now and it is absolutely amazing. Not only does she physically help your growing and changing body, but she emotionally and mentally supports you through your whole journey. Melissa has so much knowledge to share and does it in a way that makes you feel so comfortable and informed. Making it a small intimate group allows you to share your worries, thoughts and feelings with other expecting mothers. Melissa always listens to how you are feeling and will have some advice to help you. I can not recommend Mamatoto Retreat enough to all expecting mums and the tea and treats at the end are a yummy bonus!

Caitlin W 
Caitlin W

Prenatal yoga classes does not scrape the surface of describing the support, care and guidance you are given by doing the mamatoto retreat courses. The benefits you reap from having Melissa double as yoga instructor and trained doula are astounding. Melissa takes extreme care in planning her lessons and providing all the extras you need when growing a human! (Treats). Melissa is a sponge and retains any information you let her know and will always pass on a book she thinks you might like, or check in with you to see if you have healed from your aches/pains. These classes provide a wonderful platform for exercise, self care and meeting like minded individuals. I am so grateful for the experience I have had at Mamatoto Retreat!

Nina T 
Nina T

Mama Retreat At Home Membership

Many pre- recorded Prenatal Yoga classes

Many pre- recorded Prenatal Pilates classes

“Ask The Doula” any questions (anytime) in our private facebook group

Private Facebook Community of like- minded mamas

$19 a month 


Who’s this membership for?
Pregnant women in all trimesters, whether you’re a first time mama or a seasoned professional who wants to feel relaxed, connected and empowered during pregnancy, birth and motherhood.
When can I join?
If you’ve been doing yoga for a while, you can continue to do so when you fall pregnant making adjustments for your changing body. If you’re new to yoga, wait until you’ve had your 13 week scan and got the all clear from your GP or midwife to exercise.
Can I do a casual class or do I have to sign up for a membership?
Classes are for those willing to commit to having a positive pregnancy, birth and transition to motherhood. This requires you to come to as many classes as you can over a period of time to work towards your goal and it allows me to get to know you and tailor my classes to your unique needs.
What happens after I sign up for the membership?

Search, “Mama Retreat At Home” in Facebook Groups and submit your request to join. Once inside the group, please introduce yourself.

What if I’m New to Yoga or Pilates?
Classes are for all levels- including complete beginners. I’ll encourage you throughout the class to listen to your body and if a pose or exercise doesn’t feel comfortable, I’ll suggest ways you can modify it so it feels good and gives you the most benefits.
Do I need any props?
You’ll need a mat or towel and for everything else you can substitute things from around your house:

Blocks: cans

Strap: therband, tie, sarong or piece of rope

Bolster: Firm cushions with a blanket on top

For relaxation, use either your pregnancy pillow or 2 pillows, a pillow or cushion for under your head and a throw or blanket to keep you warm.

For Pilates:

Hand weights: 2 cans

Birth Ball: a chair (plus modifications)

Theraband (resistance band): hand weights or a yoga strap or belt (depends on the exercise)

Whist you can substitute the props for things around the house, you can buy props very cheaply from Kmart.


What do I wear?
Clothes that are stretchy, comfy and make you feel good. Layering is best in case you get hot or cold. No shoes or socks are necessary.
How do I cancel my membership?

Cancel anytime. You can manage your own membership using the link provided to you in the email you receive before each direct debit. You can cancel your membership before the payment is due and you won’t be charged. From here you can also view all of your past payments, and update the credit card on file for your next payment.

Got more questions?
Call Me (Melissa): 0452 580 005 or email me: hello@melissafield.com.au

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