In my FREE one hour workshop you’ll discover:

  • Why retreating in the first 40 Days after birth will help you avoid feeling physically and emotionally depleted
  • How to plan your postpartum to avoid exhaustion and overwhelm
  • How to gather your tribe to avoid feeling lonely and isolated
  • How food can help you heal and recover from birth
  • Why rest is so important and how to get it with a new baby

 Investment: FREE


Includes: afternoon tea and a Postpartum Plan template


Who: for couples who want to avoid exhaustion, overwhelm and loneliness and instead feel energised, calm and connected in their transition to parenthood


Where: Mamatoto Retreat in Milton


When: TBC


Time: 3- 4pm


to grab 1 of only 4 Spots!



Who’s this workshop for?

For expectant couples from 28 weeks onwards who want to feel prepared for their fourth trimester.

How much does it cost?

It’s 100% free but please BOOK HERE to reserve a spot as we only have room for 4 couples. 

Do we need to book or can we just show up?

CLICK HERE to grab your spot. But be quick, there’s only space for 4 couples.

What if we can’t make it on the day?

Just text me on 0452 580 005 to let me know so I can give your spot to a mama and papa on the waitlist.

What do we need to bring?

Just you and your partner.

What do we wear?

Clothes that are stretchy and comfy. Whilst we won’t be doing any yoga, we’ll be sitting on bolsters and blankets on the floor (some chairs are also available). Layering is best in case you get hot or cold.

What if I can’t make that time?

If the workshop time doesn’t suit you, send me an email HERE with a list of your preferred days/ times and I’ll do my best to accommodate you at the next one.

What if I don’t have anyone to look after the kids?

You’re welcome to bring school age children along and they can play quietly, do homework or read on the balcony or in my living room. For younger children, I can arrange a nanny to play with the kids. Please give me a call on 0452 580 005 to discuss.

Got more questions?

Call Me (Melissa): 0452 580 005 or email me:

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